Piano Affiliate Program

Piano Chords Course Affiliate Program

Finally, there is an affiliate program is attached to a quality piano chords course. Chords are a great low fuss way for people to learn to play the music they love and sound good, easily, and without having to know everything about reading music.

The well-supported affiliate program is here to help you achieve your goals and offers:

Features of the Affiliate Program

  • High commissions starting at 40%
  • Tiered commission rates of 50% and more (as more referrals are achieved)
  • Recurring commissions to the piano chords’ membership club
  • Easy setup
  • Direct linking without affiliate URLs (or standard affiliate URLs also). You choose.
  • A dashboard for you to track performance, view earnings, retrieve referral URL, find creatives, and more!
  • A professional piano chords course and membership club which is well-loved by the many students who already pass through the sales funnel

See Piano Chords Club & Piano Chords Course landing pages for testimonials.

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Overview of the Piano Affiliate Program

Here is an overview of the piano affiliate program and a bit of a look behind the scene. I have made a few changes since this video, like adding a higher 50% tier for our top affiliates, direct links to make your site visitors more likely to click, and an updated interface for tracking your performance. April also has a free piano course which is obviously much more limited but does show her teaching style which is well regarded.


What do the Courses Look Like?

Video of what the chords course looks like under the hood. We are also updating our sales video this week to include a preview.

See the list of all the courses, including what courses are inside the piano chords club.

The alternative landing page (https://pianochordscourse.com/landing-page/) Also has this table and video and module contents listed.

The You Can Play Piano Chords Course Module

Piano Chord Learning Plan
(A.K.A. Course Outline):

There are 10 Modules made up of a number of different lessons. They include:

  • How to Sit at the Piano & Hold Your Hands
  • Finger Numbers
  • Notes on the Piano
  • Music Alphabet
  • First Chords (Major & Minor)
  • How to Play Songs With Chords
  • First Scales
  • Understanding Sharps, Flats, Raising & Lowering Notes
  • More New Chords
  • All the Major Chords
  • Root Position & Chord Inversions
  • What To Play With The Left Hand
  • Minor Chords
  • C/G
  • More On Scales
  • 7, M7 & m7 Chords
  • 2, 4 & 6 Chords
  • Adding in Melody
  • Listening to Bass Lines
  • Listening: Major and Minor Chords
  • Inversions – Playing Groups of Chords Together
  • Broken Chords
  • 7 Chords Review
  • m7 Chords Review
  • Learning F Major Scale
  • M7 Chord Review
  • Inversions with 7th Chords
  • I IV V VI Chords
  • Suspended Chords Review
  • Second Chords Review
  • 6 Chords Review
  • Adding Rhythm
  • Adding Pedal
  • Adding LH Rhythm and Octaves
  • The Ninth Chord
  • Stylizing and Embellishing
  • Ear Training with Chords (Major and Minor)
  • 11th Chord
  • Diminished Chords
  • Augmented Chords
  • – + # b 5 no3
  • Getting Technical – Key Signatures
  • How to Easily Memorize Key Signatures
  • Creating Chord Progressions Within Key Signatures

You are obviously welcome to use these videos above and others and embed them on your site.

April also has a free course on the foundations of learning piano.

Earn Recurring Commissions

When you sign up for our affiliate program, you are automatically eligible to start earning recurring commissions on the piano chords club. If someone signs up for the club, you earn continuous commissions each time they renew. For as long as the member you helped sign up stays a member, you will continually get commissions from us every month!

That’s a 40 % commission of $29 each month.

Our Recurring Referrals’ technology allows us to record affiliate commissions anytime a subscription payment is made on a membership that was referred by you. Instead of you earning a commission only on the initial signup, you can earn over the lifetime of their subscription.

Earn Big Commissions of a High Quality Product

The piano chords course often has its sale price set around $250. This is a one-of product that everything it takes to learn piano chords. The course has a high satisfaction rating and April gets loads of thank you messages and support from the clients. When you sign someone up for this course, you know you are sending them on a pathway to success.

Direct Linking

We are currently testing direct linking. This will mean soon you won’t have to use affiliate links, but tracking occurs through registered links you submit.

Tiered Affiliate Rates

As you earn more referrals, your commission rate rises. After you have achieved more than 10 sales, your affiliate rate goes up to 50%. This is actually not that hard to do when you consider the monthly payments in the chords club.

  • Up to 10 referrals 40%
  • More than 10 referrals 50%
  • More than 20 referrals – Talk to us.

New Interface

Creatives and Marketing Support

We have creatives prepared for you, or you can use your own means. We are here to support you with marketing ideas to get you started, coupons and more..

These creatives below are representative only of what they are will look like, and we will have plenty more creatives of all types for you to easily insert.

On-Time Payments

We are set up for one-click payments through PayPal. Then as soon as you reach the threshold amount for payment, and the return period has finished, you are eligible for auto-payment at the end of that month.

Coupons Area

Sometimes we will have special and provide you with coupons to show to prospective members. These will show up in your coupon area.

Terms and Conditions

The affiliate terms and conditions page has information on the affiliate commission rates and cookie periods.

You can sign up for the Piano Chords Course Affiliate Program here: https://pianochordscourse.com/affiliate-area.

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