Make A Melody From A Chord Progression


Making a melody out of a chord progression can be quite simple. Basically, you can pull a note out of a chord, like D in a G chord (G B D), play it as the top note of the chord and you have your first melody note.

You can then take a note out of the next note you have in the chord progression and play that.

It doesn’t only need to be notes from the chord. You can also add other ones. But that makes a good starting place.

The key is to make your melody note stand out.

Don’t forget your key signature when creating your melody.

Using 2 Chord Progressions

If you are writing your own song or chord progression, it can be nice to have two chord progressions to work with. This allows you to do more, add more, change things up, create interest and so on.


In the materials tab, you’ll find the exercises which involve making a melody based off of a few chord progressions I’ve given you.

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