Gospel Song List

Here are some additional songs you can use to substitute the songs listed within the course. All of these are gospel /church / worship choruses or hymns.

Click the name of the song to get to the chord sheet.

Major & Minor Chords

C/G (Slash Chords)

Seventh Chords (7)

Minor 7th (m7)

Major Seventh (M7)

Second Chords (2)

Suspended Chords (sus, 4, sus-4)

6th Chords

(Still looking …)

Suspended 7th

(Still Looking …)

Add 9 Chords (add9)

9th Chords (9)


Diminished & Augmented

I’m still looking for a few more that’ll have diminished and augmented chords. (They’re a bit more rare.) Will post when available.