Learn The Basics of Piano - Free!

Learn Piano Basics, Avoid Bad Habits & Play Your First Song!


With this free piano course you’ll learn the basic foundations that everyone needs to learn to play piano and get started on the right track, avoiding piano pitfalls and bad habits and learning something quick and easy - basic chords!

In This Course You’ll Learn:

  • To avoid injury and strain with the correct piano posture
  • The basic notes of the piano keyboard
  • The music alphabet
  • What your fingers are called and which ones to use to play chords
  • The first 4 chords everyone should learn
  • How to play your first songs with chords

This course is actually the first module (and a half) of my You Can Play Piano Chords course. (That teaches everything you need to know about chords.) It doesn’t cost me any extra to run this course and also gives you a good look at chords and what they’re all about. 

Are you ready to get started?