I’m very close to being done with improving and updating my Piano Chords Course.

I have been working on this for nearly a year and am applying some important tweaks. I’m planning to release it next month.

This Course Is Entirely Focused on You playing piano through Piano Chords

It includes 10 modules with video lessons & associated slide decks, chord charts, printable exercises and songs to practice.

It will take you step by step through learning to play piano chords.

We're Going To Cover:

How to play all chord types
Playing chords in various locations (inversions)
How hear the types of chords being played
How to embellish and style what you’re playing
Adding melody to chords
Keys and key signatures

Basically how you can play any modern song that has a chord sheet!

This is where i need your help

Before I finalize everything and release it again, I need to make sure I’ve got everything covered.

This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey – there is really only one thing I want to ask you ….

Thank you!