Learn Piano Chords - Faster, Easier & Better

Have you always wanted to play piano but never gotten to the point where you can just sit down and play any time you want?


Or you have started learning piano chords but just feel stuck and wish what you were playing sounded “like real music”.
You may have come back to the piano after a long time away and would love to just play songs again … without working so very hard to get those fingers to cooperate.
Well, what if I told you that you can?
That it is possible to get playing piano really quickly and be playing songs in months rather than years – even if you’ve never played the piano before in your life.

And that the key to learning to play piano this way is different than what nearly every piano teacher teaches.


Hi, my name is April! I’m a piano teacher with a different take on things. This is partly by chance because although I grew up taking traditional piano lessons, I also lived close to one of the only high schools in my country where I could major in piano. And there, I learned everything that you don’t learn in traditional piano lessons. This was where I learned all about chords.

I didn’t understand how special this was when I was young, but I sure do now! Now I understand how amazing learning piano chords can be for some people. Like one of my past students, Lisa.


Let me give you a peak into Lisa’s piano story.


Lisa came to take lessons with me and she came with regrets. Her grandfather could play piano, had tried to teach her but she had never been interested enough to learn when she was young. She was from Ireland and wanted to play the old folk songs that he had wanted to teach her and were a special part of her family and culture. But she couldn’t. She had never learned how.


Lisa didn’t know how long it would take to learn piano, but she wanted to try. She wanted to be able to go back home to Ireland and surprise her grandfather by playing with him.


The great thing for Lisa and myself was that learning this type of music doesn’t depend on learning notes and rhythms and everything that goes into reading music and then translating that onto the keys. This was something she could learn quickly by playing piano chords. We were both thrilled with this plan (I do love teaching chords) and set to work.


The best thing about it was that Lisa discovered it doesn’t take years to learn this. She would be able to play piano much sooner than she thought possible. She was even able to go home for Christmas and surprise her grandfather by playing and singing the Irish folk songs that were so important in her family.

But that’s not all she can play now. She can choose from any style she wants. She can play pop songs, she can play jazz. She can even write her own music. And she can now pass down the music that is important to her to her children.

And now you can know this too.
You may not want to know Irish folk songs, but if there’s a style you love and want to be able to play, you can!

And I’m here to help! What I’ve done is sum up all 20 plus years of playing and teaching chords and put it all into a simple system for anyone who wants to learn piano or get better at playing piano chords.


I call it, the You Can Play Piano Chords Program

And inside, I am going to teach you how you can get straight to playing the type of music you love on the piano (whether it’s gospel, rock or Irish folk music) by learning to play and understand chords.


You Can Play Piano Chords Program​

The step-by-step training for learning to play music you love on the piano fast with chords.
This program gives you everything you need to be able to play the piano, even if you’ve never played a note before.
You don’t need to struggle to figure out which chords to learn, in what order, which hand to use for what, how to make it sound nice. I’ve laid it all out in a simple system that is easy and quick to learn.

Here's What You'll Discover Inside...



"The lessons are short and concise and I'm already learning so much. Thank you!"

"I appreciate that you are so responsive and that I can email anytime with questions. Your answers are always so helpful!"

Bev P.




"There was no one left to play piano in my church but I now doing it. Thank you for this great course that has gotten me there!"

"Musical activity throughout life may serve as a challenging cognitive exercise, making your brain fitter and more capable of accommodating the challenges of aging ... it may create alternate connections in the brain that could compensate for cognitive declines as we get older."

Brenda Hanna-Pladdy, Ph.D

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Suzanne Hanser

Chair of Music Therapy Dept, Berklee College of Music, Boston

"Music-making is linked to a number of health benefits for older adults. Research shows that making music can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rate, reduce stress and lesson anxiety and depression. There is also increasing evidence that making music enhances the immunological response, which enable us to fight viruses."

Here's Everything You Get...

10 Module Online Piano Chord Learning Program

Each module contains multiple lessons with video, pictures and transcript. Available instantly to do at your own pace. ($1560 Value)

Piano Beginner Basics

Learn to play piano even if you’ve never play before with the piano basics module that will get you going quickly. ($120 Value)

Essential Chord Theory

Understand the theory behind chords & how they’re created. Then use it to deepen your understanding of music so you really know what you’re doing on piano. ($1500 Value) (This cost me / my parents over $4000 for me to learn!)

Making Melody Training

Understand how to add melody to your chords in multiple ways with no note reading required. ($400 Value)

Listening Skills for Piano

Learn to hear different types of chords, figure out groups of chords by listening and play by ear. ($120 Value)

Fills & Embellishment Training

Understand how to fill in your chords, add rhythm, left hand styling, use the pedal correctly and “add more” to your music. ($160 Value)

Key Signatures for Chords Training

Learn how to understand keys and use them with playing chords so you’re not trapped playing just a few chords you know. ($220 Value)

Songs & Piano Exercises

Play songs chosen for your level. These are listed within the lessons throughout the course so you’re playing something appropriate for what you’re learning. ($90 Value)

Alternative Song Lists - Gospel & More

You can choose songs to suit what you want to learn and there are alternative song lists you can use to supplement your learning. The Gospel song list is very popular. ($30 Value)

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you find this course is not for you, just ask for a refund within 60 days for your money full back. ($50 Value)

Priority Email Support

If you find you have questions or don’t understand the material, you have priority email support (you’re first in line). ($120 Value)


Claim Two Free Gifts With Your Order!

And because you are a first-time customer, when you join You Can Play Piano Chords Program today, I will also add in these additional bonuses at no additional charge.

The Practice Toolkit

($69 Value)

Structure your practice and get the information a piano teacher uses to check your playing.

These checklists give you the tools to check your own work / playing so you can pick up on and correct mistakes as well as improve upon what you’re doing well!

Full Piano Chords Charts

($20 Value)

Get the chords used throughout the course in one handy bundle or cheat sheet.

These show chords not only by letter names but on the piano keys and written music.

This is a very handy, must-have resource.

A Total Value of $4459

(Currency used: USD)

But of course I’m not going to charge you that!

Get the You Can Play Piano Chords Program for just $249 today!

My "Pitch Perfect" Guarantee!

I know this course will get you playing beautiful piano music but if you find it’s not right for you, just let me know within 60 days for a full refund of the cost of the program.

"Thank you so much for the lessons which have given me so much more than I had before, and increased my confidence."
D. Austin

Don’t wake up tomorrow still wishing you had learned to play piano or just gotten a bit better at chords! Everything is here ready for you to start right now.


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