All Piano Chords Courses Available

We've got lots of courses here on piano chords - some big and some small. Which one is right for you?

There are two main groups of piano chords courses here.

First is the main piano chords course, great for beginners or those who want to learn everything they can about chords (including all types of chords, theory and how to play them well).

The second section of courses are the mini courses that are part of the Piano Chords Club. This is for you if you can play some chords but are not really satisfied with how things are sounding and know things can be better. Or you can play some chords but just want to know you need a bit more information to really get going.

The Big Piano Chords Course

You Can Play Piano Chords is the main chords course that teaches you everything you need to know about playing piano chords.

This course

  • works well for complete beginners – you can start with not knowing anything
  • also works for anyone with a basic understanding of chords who knows they need to learn more
  • teaches you all the different chords and important chords theory
  • lots of lessons on playing chords, songs to practice and basically gives you everything you need to know to play chords well
"I just wanted to let you know how much I love your courses and the helpful emails and videos - I’ve learned a lot about playing chords and am thankful! "
Gabi G
Piano Chords Club Member

Courses Inside Piano Chords Club

The Piano Chords Club is a membership program that has a variety of courses. Each focuses on a specific topic and can generally be done in about a month.

These courses are for you if you’ve learned to play chords but wish your playing sounded better, more musical or if you know there are a few things you could learn to help you take things up a notch.

5 Simple Left Hand Patterns for Pro Piano Chords

Need some more ways to play chords in your left hand? Here are some great patterns you can use to make your left hand sound amazing while playing chords.

12 Essential Rhythm Patterns for Rockin’ Piano Chords

Add rhythm to your chords, whether it be fast songs or slow songs. This really helps with your chords sounding like "music" and really enjoyable to play.

Playing By Ear for Piano Chords

Improve your ear! Learn to figure out chords by ear, play melody by ear, create intros, hear different types of chords and more. This is really useful when playing chords.

Fantastic Fill Ins for Piano Chords

Ready to start filling in the spaces in your music? This course takes you through a variety of ways to fill in your chord playing.

Making Melody for Beautiful Piano Chords

Adding melody to your chords really helps to take things up to a whole new musical level. Learn what to do to add melody to your chords whether it be written melody or by ear.


Inversions are important for playing chords, moving from chord to chord and playing melody. This set of classes will help you in this area.

30 Day Advanced Chord Challenge

Challenge yourself to learn more chords with the advanced chord challenge. This includes less common chords that you should know and gives you a chance to practice these.

Helping You Create Beautiful Music with Piano Chords

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April Wright - Creator and teacher for all of Piano Lessons Info's Courses