Always dreamed of being able to sit down and play the piano?

Piano chords can get you there.

Let’s Tick Off That Bucket List Item of Learning to Play the Piano!

Did you learn piano as a kid but then push it to the side when life got busy?

Or learned to read notes or classical piano and don’t want to go back there again but still want to play piano?

Or maybe you’ve never really started learning but you’ve always wanted to experience being able to just sit down and play piano.

Learning to play Beethoven won’t really help you to play the songs you love (unless that is Beethoven!) or help you play for your church or in a band. It also takes a really long time to get to that point and you wish you were playing music now!

But maybe you can play a few songs or learned to read music and feel like you missed out on learning to play chords or by ear. And if that’s you, it’s not your fault. Most piano teachers don’t know how to play chords, let alone teach them.

It can be pretty mortifying to be able to play very advanced classical music pieces but then have someone ask if you can play the Beatles and … you can’t. You don’t even know how to start because it’s not written down! (I know because this happened to me!)

You Can Learn to Play Beautiful Piano Music With Chords

1. Enroll in "You Can Play Piano Chords"

Learn to play piano using chords step by step from a teacher who not only teaches chords but plays them too!

2. Learn the secrets of great chord playing

Discover the simple piano secrets you can use in your daily piano playing to make your chords sound amazing.

3. Enjoy the music you make

You can play the songs you love! Eliminate the frustration of stumbling over what you're playing and enjoy the music you make every day.

eliminate the guesswork

Learning piano is fun when you know what you’re supposed to be learning! But when you don’t know what you can or should learn to improve, it can be really frustrating. Like you’re at a dead end!

Image what it’ll be like to sit down at the piano and create beautiful music every time!

Play the Music you love

My courses are designed to teach you what you really need to know about chords so that you can play anything, anytime.

Simple Access

Access the online courses in your own time and go through at your own pace. Incorporate the piano chords secrets into your everyday playing for beautiful sounding music.

Musical Results

My piano chords secrets are based on years of learning, playing and teaching. With easy-to-follow videos packed with real techniques you can add into your playing today.

Priority Support

When you have questions, you email me directly. And I answer you! I'm here to help you play with confidence and to work through the trouble spots.

Option 1: The Big Course

Are you a piano chords beginner or know you need to get the foundations right? “You Can Play Piano Chords” is the best course for you.

Option 2: The Piano Chords Club

Can you play some chords but haven’t gotten to the stage where they sound very musical yet? You understand chords and have been playing them for a while? The Piano Chords Club program is the best choice for you.

"Learn to play any modern song on the piano using chords in as little as 30 hours."
April Wright
Creator of the Piano Lessons Info & Piano Chords Courses

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