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Feeling like the music you're playing doesn't sound great can be really frustrating


It’s one thing to learn the basics of chords, but another to get it sounding beautiful. And this can be really frustrating!

You might have even questioned if you’re good enough or musical enough to learn piano. You may have seen someone just be able to sit down at the piano and play anything and wondered why it is you can’t do that. Do they have a special super power? You may even have a pretty good understanding of the basics of chords but just feel like they don’t sound that good.

Feeling stuck is no fun! And music is a universal language that everyone should be able to take part in. This includes you! (And you do have it in you!)

Part of the problem is just not knowing what to do next. It can be really hard to figure out especially because most piano teachers don’t even teach people to play chords!

You Can Learn to Play Beautiful Piano Music With Chords

1. Join the Piano Chords Club

Learn simple and practical ways to make your chords sound amazing with easy to learn patterns and techniques delivered in topical mini courses.

2. Learn the secrets of great chord playing

Discover the simple piano secrets you can use in your daily piano playing to make your chords sound amazing.

3. Enjoy the music you make

Eliminate the frustration of stumbling over what you're playing and enjoy the music you make every day.

eliminate the guesswork

Learning piano is fun when you know what you’re supposed to be learning! But when you don’t know what you can or should learn to improve, it can be really frustrating. Like you’re at a dead end!

Image what it’ll be like to sit down at the piano and create beautiful music every time!

Play the Music you love

Our courses are designed to teach you what you really need to know about chords so that you can play anything, anytime.

Simple Access

Access the online courses in your own time and go through at your own pace. Incorporate the piano chords secrets into your everyday playing for beautiful sounding music.

Musical Results

My piano chords secrets are based on years of learning, playing and teaching. With easy-to-follow videos packed with real techniques you can add into your playing today.

Priority Support

As a member, you get priority email support. Your great experience is my primary goal.

Can you play some chords but haven’t gotten to the stage where they sound very musical yet? The Piano Chords Club program is the best choice for you.

Are you a piano chords beginner? You Can Play Piano Chords is the best course for you.

"Learn to play any modern song on the piano using chords in as little as 30 hours."
April Wright
Creator of the Piano Lessons Info & Piano Chords Courses

If you are interested in learning more about chords, here is a great place to start.

Because learning the notes of a chord is one thing, but turning them into music … that’s another.

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